Visiting Curtain Bluff is more than just a vacation–it’s an experience. Just ask any of the thousands of guests who have taken respite at our extraordinary resort through the years. Or better yet, hear it from the luxury travel experts in our recent press.

Greenwich Magazine

Can’t wait to go back

If you had a fabulous family friend who just happened to own a tropical mansion and would invite you down for lazy days of sunbathing. tennis and waterskiing, that friend would be have to be Chelle Hulford at Curtain Bluff.

February 2015

Livid Magazine

An All-Inclusive Caribbean beauty affair

It's pretty clear; Curtain Bluff is the ultimate lifestyle destination for feeding your body, mind and soul. It's time
to pamper yourself!

February 2015

Lake Norman Magazine

Ideal island vacation

With warmer temps still months ahead, the Caribbean isle of Antigua offers sun-seekers an enchanting destination to take off the winter chill. In Antigua, there is no finer choice to soak up the West Indies Island sun than Curtain Bluff.

February 2015

Long Island Pulse

Antiguan Dream

It felt more like a private villa... I had my own plunge pool overlooking the bay and mountains and the room was enclosed by slatted wooden doors that offered a rugged luxurious feel.

March 2016

South Park Magazine

Rest and Renew

In Fact, everything at Curtain Bluff is welcoming. Its bare-foot luxury atmosphere has been a favorite since it opend in the 1960's.

February 2016

Tempus Magazine

Travel Rewards

Curtain Bluff is a food, wine, water-sport-filled family, one in which members give mutually, and selflessly. And isn't that what family holidays are about?

Fall 2016


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