ORF Success Stories



70% of ORF’s annual donations support further education, 20% goes to healthcare and 10% goes to community projects.


At its core, ORF is all about recognizing and fulfilling potential. Our tennis pros — Nigel, Dillo, and Renee (recently retired)– are just three among dozens of USTA-accredited pros who have graduated from its tennis program. Other ORF alums have pursued other specializations, going on to become Curtain Bluff’s IT manager, financial comptroller, and head sommelier. Other alums include a senator in the Antiguan parliament, the island’s minister of tourism, the CEO of one of Antigua’s largest importing companies, and a professional soccer player. At least 200 other alums have attended colleges and universities in the Caribbean and U.S.


ORF provides funding for emergency medical care. When a stove exploded and seriously disfigured a kitchen worker in English Harbor, it financed the necessary skin grafts. Cancer patients have received treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Florida and a baby had a life-saving heart operation in a hospital in the islands. Last fall, ORF financed an emergency operation in Trinidad for a local teenager suffering from a brain tumor. Regular donations are given to support Antigua’s autism and drug/alcohol rehabilitation initiatives.


ORF supports quality-of-life issues too. It sponsors Old Road’s soccer, basketball and cricket teams. The elementary school has received lap-top computers and a new fully-equipped library. ORF has built a playground for the Old Road Kindergarten. Every Christmas over 40 senior citizens receive a food hamper and over 100 toys are donated to the toy drive. A fence (protecting kids from the road) was built and landscaping planted. In the spring of 2019, the primary school received a new tennis/basketball/netball court (pictured here).

But ORF also looks beyond the town of Old Road. Every year the fund donates to Antigua’s autism initiative. In 2017, when Hurricane Irma decimated the island of Barbuda, the fund and generous guests of the resort donated over $100,000 to the National Disaster Committee.