“It’s not so hard being green”


Since most guests only see the “front of house“ side of Curtain Bluff, they don’t realize that, behind the scenes, the resort is taking meaningful steps to preserve its beautiful and delicate environment. In 2007 our efforts were rewarded by certification from Green Globe, the premier international symbol for environmental responsibility. To be certified, a resort must meet or exceed exacting standards in areas such as greenhouse emission, energy efficiency, management of freshwater resources, ecosystem conservation, and waste management.


The first major investment was in a membrane bioreactor to replace our old waste treatment plant. The new plant is not only extremely efficient but is whisper quiet and takes up half the space of the machinery it replaced. It also enables us to irrigate the entire property with clean recycled water, thereby substantially reducing our overall water usage.


We installed a salt-chlorinator for our swimming pool that softens the water and naturally inhibits the growth of algae. It’s much better for the environment than chlorine and has no chemical odor. It’s safer to handle and does not burn the eyes or fade swimwear. When we installed A/C in the rooms, we used a Daikin inverter system that is exceptionally quiet, uses an environmentally friendly refrigerant, and is more energy-efficient than regular systems.