From the moment you set foot on the 20-acre slice of paradise we call home, you’ll be transported away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland into a world of laid-back luxury that’s been delighting visitors since the 1960’s. Comprising 72 lavishly appointed rooms and suites, two picturesque beaches and an assortment of exceptional, all-inclusive amenities, Curtain Bluff invites you to unwind, indulge, explore, and above all, make unforgettable memories on a one-of-a-kind Caribbean escape.

The original piece of Curtain Bluff flyer from 1962

How It All Began

In the late 1950s, Howard Hulford set out to find the perfect piece of land on which to build a quiet sanctuary for his family and friends. After an exacting search of the Caribbean, he found it here on the south coast of Antigua. In 1962, Hulford opened a 22-room resort and named it after the bluff, or rocky promontory, that bisects the property’s two beaches. Curtain Bluff has been growing mindfully ever since, adding accommodations and facilities that would establish its reputation as a world-class island destination.

Howard lived on the premises until his death in 2009. Today, his wife Chelle still lives in Bluff House, where she hosts the resort’s weekly cocktail party (a fan favorite). Resort manager Rob Sherman has been at the helm of the property’s operations for the last 25 years, leading Curtain Bluff’s 211 staff members who have become an extended family.

Throughout its growth, Curtain Bluff has paid careful attention to maintaining the same intimacy and charm that captivated Hulford all those years ago. We’re proud to welcome a loyal troup of “repeaters,” guests who return year after year and regard Curtain Bluff not just as a vacation destination, but as their island home. From newlyweds who come here to start their lives as a married couple to families seeking an accessible and affordable Caribbean getaway, guests arrive at Curtain Bluff as visitors and leave as old friends.

Resort Map

Our thoughtfully designed grounds are situated on a peninsula on the southernmost tip of Antigua. The property boasts 360-degree views of stunning sunsets, forested hills and the neighboring islands of Guadeloupe, Montserrat, and Redonda. On our property map, you’ll find the location of all of our five-star amenities, including our dual beaches, championship tennis courts, world-class spa, renowned restaurants, and more.

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