Big Birthday Bash – How to enjoy getting older

25th July 2016

Posted By : Toya Turner


It’s one of those birthdays with a zero in it and the pressure is mounting to celebrate it in a way that is momentous. A backyard barbecue and a cake with too few candles just won’t cut it. So what are you going to do?



More and more people are discovering a very sensible solution in Curtain Bluff. So many, in fact, that we have given it an acronym (everything with more than two words has an acronym in the hotel business). We call it the BBB, as in Big Birthday Bash. The parties come in all shapes and sizes from couples seeking a quiet escape from the soap opera of extended family to those who want to bring it all with them from the august grandparents to the cautious in-law additions and fidgety babes. We can accommodate all party sizes, clustering rooms or combining our two Hulford Suites (the entire top floor with four interconnecting bedrooms and wide-open public space).


It’s your big day and we understand that you’re trusting it to us. A beautiful cake fresh-baked to your specifications is just the beginning. We can arrange sunset cocktail parties on the sweeping terrace of the owner’s dramatic private home and daytime activities from deep-sea fishing and helicopter tours to wellness treatments at our waterside spa. Use you imagination or let us come up with some local-knowledge ideas. For options and special pricing, contact our events coordinator, Wendy Eardley at


You might not like getting older but celebrating your big birthdays at Curtain Bluff means you actually look forward to them


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