Family Profile: Beverly & Michael Newhouse

20th June 2016

Posted By : Toya Turner



The Newhouse’s celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary with us at Curtain Bluff. They were first time guests, and we were happy to speak to them for our second installment of Guest Profiles


CB: How did you find out about Curtain Bluff? Why did you choose the hotel?

BN: Curtain Bluff came up on our top 10 searches. We read the TripAdvisor reviews and we were sold. We really liked that there was a variety of things for us to do on our vacation, and it really made the decision easy for us


CB: What has been the best part of your trip?

BN: We had a romantic day – we indulged in the spa treatments, had a picnic and private dinner on the beach and we’ve enjoyed using the plunge pool in our room.

MN: I really like that the hotel is so calm- it made it easy to relax. On top of that , the fact that this is a luxury resort, but not fussy or uptight has been the best part of the trip for me – that – and spending time with my wife!


CB: Are you avid travelers? How does Curtain Bluff stack up, in your opinion?

BN: We travel quite a bit to be honest: Caymans, Bahamas, Mexico, Belize- but this is our first time to this part of the Caribbean. We are impressed with how good the food is.

MN: We plan to be back – with the kids – they will love all the watersports, especially our son!


Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us, Beverly and Michael. We’re looking forward to seeing you back at Curtain Bluff!



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