6th May 2016

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By Tobey (14) and Jake (13)


Our parents both work in the travel business, so we get to go on some pretty cool family trips. But our favorite place is Curtain Bluff, a resort on the south coast of Antigua in the Caribbean. We have been there five times and it keeps getting better.




Every day at Curtain Bluff is so much fun. Every day we try to get up early (it’s hard) to play some tennis before breakfast or throw a ball on the beach just outside our room. The rest of the day we do lots of swimming, snorkeling on the reef, waterskiing, tubing, eating with friends, games of Bocce, stand-up-paddleboarding. Last time, the watersports guys taught us how to Windsurf and sail Hobie Cats. Next year I want to try squash. There’s never enough time. That’s why we keep going back.




The resort is safe and the staff is super friendly. We can roam around the property, doing what we want to do. Our parents don’t mind because they know we are OK and, because Curtain Bluff is fully-inclusive, we don’t have to pay extra for anything that we do.




There is something about Curtain Bluff that makes it easy to make friends. We meet them on the snorkel boat, on the beach, or in the Games Room. Sometimes we recognize kids from past visits and between each trip we always text each other to make sure we plan our next trip for the same time.




As you can imagine, we get really hungry. But that’s OK because, even though we are picky eaters, there’s always plenty of delicious food. The little kids get to eat dinner early. There is a restaurant right on the beach and live music up at the Tamarind Restaurant. It’s a bit of a shock when we get back home and have to eat normal food again.




We Americans call it soccer and in Antigua they call it football, but it’s the same game. We have a tradition. Every time we visit we gather up all the soccer-playing kids at the resort and challenge the kids team at the local primary school. Boy do those kids know how to play!


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