7th April 2016

Posted By : Thor


By Andrew Bill



What’s the biggest advantage of staying in a fully inclusive resort like Curtain Bluff?


It’s not just financial although, if you vacation at full speed like a typical family does, consuming drinks, meals and activities like it’s the last day on Earth, then the cost factor is certainly part of the appeal. Do the math and factor in all those little costs at similar resorts — $28 for a lunch salad, $10 tray charge (whatever that is), $60 for lobster, $50 per hour for a tennis court, $16 for a fruit plate, $40 an hour to rent a kayak. It soon adds up, explaining why critics call Curtain Bluff one of the best values in the Caribbean.


No, the biggest benefit is far more precious than money. It’s why we go on vacation in the first place. It’s peace of mind.


“Full inclusive”means not having to dread paying the bill at the end of your stay or wonder who and how much to tip at every moment of every day.


It’s the reasonCurtain Bluffhas therelaxed, elegant and friendly atmosphere that other resorts can only dream about. By all means, invite the couple you met on the dive boat to join you for dinner. Walk the grounds with Ezra, the gardener. Join your fellow guests for cocktails at the owner’s house on the prow of the bluff.


“Fully inclusive” means that, for one short period of your life, you can do whatever you want,when you want it, without even considering the cost. Spend two hours Hobie-catting across the bay or, if there is too much/too little wind, bring it back after 15 minutes. Take a yoga class to see if you can still do the Downward Dog. Divide your afternoon with the oh-so-civilized tradition of tea and cakes, have another glass of Champagne with your cheese course.Indulgeyourself.


It means that your little kids can come and goas they like at the Ceebee Kids Club on the beach. If shell jewelry isn’t their thing, no problem.Let them drift back to the Club when it’s time to fish off the dock. And the teenagers can sail, SUP, windsurf, water-ski, play basketball, tennis, squash or Bocce all day if they want, ending the day so tired they will be begging for bed.


In the end “fully inclusive”is the reason that Curtain Bluff has one of the highest repeat-guest rates in the Caribbean. It just works.


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