18th March 2016

Posted By : Toya Turner




  1. It’s 10 AM and the only line you’ve encountered is the one connecting you to the waterski boat…or the one you’re reeling in with the mahi mahi on the end…or the opening sentence of that long-awaited novel.


  1. You are sipping Champagne at midday! Why not? It must be 5 o’clock somewhere in the world (England maybe?) and even if it isn’t, you deserve it. And, even if you don’t, you’re on vacation.


  1. You know the staff by name. And they know how you take your morning coffee, that you have a left-handed tennis swing, that you like your massage deep-tissue, that you dive with a 12-pound weight belt, that you like your lemonade unsweetened and no cinnamon dust on your rum punch.


  1. You’re playing Bocce like the mayor of an Italian hill town.


  1. You know that screensaver you’ve been staring at since last October? You’re in it…except that the beach looks even better through the open door of your room. The sand is even whiter; the sea, even more blue.


  1. Three days ago you had never heard of squash, let alone played it. After a quick lesson from the pro, you are now throwing around terms such as “double hit” and “boast” as if you had been using them all your life.


  1. Wearing shoes doesn’t feel right. But the straw hat does.


  1. Your heart is no longer beating to the tempo of a Rolling Stones drum solo. Was it the couple’s massage, the day on the beach, or the long, deep-sleep nights lulled by the rhythm of the waves? It doesn’t matter. By the end of your second your pulse is playing the Moonlight Sonata.


  1. You’re starting to know your way around the wine menu. After the wine-tasting in the cellar, the sommeliers have found a special claret they think you might like.


  1. You’ve stopped taking photos of the sunsets.


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