4th October 2018

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You trust us with your precious vacation days and, in return, we work hard to deserve that trust. We close every year at this time for two months of renovation and refurbishment, primping and polishing, testing and training. When the resort opens again on October 27, it will look better than ever. Improvements include new patio furniture, artwork and soft furnishings. Our beach concierge service (cabanas, lounge chairs and bar service) has been extended to the Surf Beach and we have installed a new kitchen at The Seagrape.




Please note: all packages have expiry dates. Coming up soon: the booking window for our Feb. 2019 special closes on Oct. 15.


20% off fall 2018

Book: now to Nov. 1, 2018

Travel: Oct. 27 – Dec. 18, 2018

Minimum stay: 7 nights

Room category: Bluff Room or higher

Blackout dates: Nov. 17 – 30, 2018


20% off January 2019

Book: now to Dec. 1, 2018 (3-night deposit)

Travel: Jan. 3 – 31, 2019

Minimum stay: 5 nights


20% off February 2019

Book by: Oct. 15, 2018 (full prepayment/non refundable is required)

Travel: Feb. 1-28, 2019

Minimum stay: 7 nights


20% off March 2019

Book: now to Jan. 31, 2019

Travel: Mar. 1 – 31, 2019

Minimum stay: 5 nights

All room categories




While other resorts measure their spas in square feet and the number of treatment rooms, we measure the Curtain Bluff Spa in aaaaahs. Secluded from the rest of the property, it’s part of the landscape, feet from the lapping waves, and as tranquil as a daydream in July. This fall we are proud to welcome our new spa manager, Katrina Codrington.


Also new this fall: our 4-night Spa Package that includes a $1,000 spa credit, complimentary spa services, a private yoga or Pilates class, food, drink and all the other attractions of our everything-included rates, starting at just $4,390 per room (two people).




It’s no secret that Curtain Bluff has one of the best tennis centers in the islands. A lob-shot from the sea, it has four hard courts lit for night play, four of the best pros in the business, and an exciting program of tennis retreats that mix court action, relaxation, social events, wellness activities, and some of the biggest names in the game. Coming up: Tennis Challenge with Dick Stockton (Nov. 3-10), The Perfect Match with Annabel Croft (Nov. 24-Dec. 1) and Antigua Tennis Week (May 4-11) with Fred Stolle, Owen Davidson and Ross Case.



Our greatest asset is undoubtedly our staff. The same familiar faces are ready to greet you on your next visit and do whatever is necessary to ensure your stay is a success. They are a hard working lot. Candia Richards and Jason Marshall have recently passed their Professional Tennis Registry to become certified tennis instructors. Jensen and Junior have certified as Advanced Dive Masters. Four retirees: Rennie George (tennis instructor, 40 years of service), Evans Browne (server, 21 years), Claudette Johnson (security, 18 years) and Launor-May Browne (housekeeping, 38 years).


E: curtainbluff@curtainbluff.com | US: 888.289.9898 | UK: 0800.051.8956 | Curtainbluff.com




#1 YOU DESERVE IT You trust us with your precious vacation days and, in return, we work hard to deserve that trust. We close every year at this time for two months of renovation and refurbishment, primping and polishing, testing and training. When the resort opens again on October 27, it will look better than […]

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Psssst! Wanna hear a secret?   Summer is the ideal time to visit Curtain Bluff. For “everything included” prices starting at just $700 per night, per room double occupancy, you can enjoy balmy temperatures fanned by a steady ocean breeze and all the famous “everything included” attractions of Antigua’s #1 resort, that’s up to 40% […]

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When something is already a success you have to be very careful how you change it. In spring 2017, Curtain Bluff had again been voted the #1 resort in Antigua and one of the finest resorts in the world by readers of Travel + Leisure magazine. Guests were returning to the resort in record numbers. […]

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What the media is saying about Curtain Bluff Oscar Wilde knew what he was talking about when he said: “There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” It’s good to be in the news. Especially when the magazines, newspapers, bloggers, online publications, and even […]

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Aerial views of Curtain Bluff

Antigua: Curtain Bluff Resort from OTLK on Vimeo. Curtain Bluff just posted some amazing new drone shot aerial video; view it, like it, and comment on it at Vimeo.  Go ahead share it as well, you’ll probably get a million likes!

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What the media is saying about Curtain Bluff

  All of us at Curtain Bluff believe that we work at the best resort in the Caribbean…and the kind comments from our frequently returning guests only confirm that belief. But it’s also gratifying when we receive positive feedback from a well-traveled, brutally honest, completely unbiased third party: the media. Over the last year we […]

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  8 of the best sites and sights   Curtain Bluff exerts such a strong magnetic pull that many of its guests never leave the property until it’s time to go (reluctantly) back to the airport. But those that do make it through our wrought-iron gates (either in a rental car or taxi) encounter an […]

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5 things to pack for your Curtain Bluff vacation

  Curtain Bluff has been ranked #1 in the West Indies by Travel and Leisure magazine, and is #1 in resorts on our side of Antigua. We are an excellent choice for the vacationer looking to marry luxury, service, and authentic Caribbean experiences. With that in mind, have your vacation days approved by the boss? […]

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Pan fried ocean queen red snapper served with fungi and Pinot noir sauce

Serving Size : 12     Preparation Method   2 Pounds fish bones 1/2 liter red wine 2 each carrot 1 each onion 1/2 bunch thyme 1/2 each leek 1 tablespoon tomato base 1 1/2 liters veal stock salt and pepper 2 teaspoons butter 12 each red snapper each 6 to 8 oz 10 ounces […]

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Should you cancel your Antiguan holiday because of Zika?

There’s a lot of bad news floating around these days, and one of the tiniest insects is leading the headlines: the Aedes Egypti mosquito borne virus Zika. Most travelers balk at the slightest inclination of bad news, but while civil war and unrest is a valid reason to cancel your trip, I don’t think you […]

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Recipe of the month: Sesame crusted sushi grad tuna

Recipe serves : 8 14  ounces  rice vermicelli 4   each  scallion 4  ounces  pickled ginger 6  ounces  wasabi  rice vinegar 2 tablespoons  sesame oil sea wheat salad 4  each  medium  carrot — cut into julienne 2  each  leeks — cut in to julienne 4  tablespoons  soy sauce 4  tablespoons  vegetable oil Red chiles or Suzie’s hot sauce 8 pieces of 6 oz tuna 2 […]

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Big Birthday Bash – How to enjoy getting older

  It’s one of those birthdays with a zero in it and the pressure is mounting to celebrate it in a way that is momentous. A backyard barbecue and a cake with too few candles just won’t cut it. So what are you going to do?   More and more people are discovering a very […]

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The 10 best historical sites in Antigua

All within easy reach of Curtain Buff   Most people come to Curtain Bluff to relax and indulge themselves in the hedonistic pleasures of a top resort. Those, however, who can resist the magnetic pull of the beach long enough to rent a car or driver for an hour or two can time-travel back through […]

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Recipe of the month: Vegan Coconut Rice Pudding

Vegan Coconut Rice Pudding   14-oz. can light coconut milk ½ cup Arborio rice, rinsed and drained 3 Tbs. sugar ⅛ tsp. salt 1 each Cinnamon stick ½ Fresh mangoes. Diced Method: Pour coconut milk into 4-cup measuring cup, and add water until liquid reaches 4 cups. Pour liquid into medium saucepan, and add Arborio […]

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Employee Feature: Candia Richards

Meet Candia Richards: Concierge, Leisure Division   Employee since: 2007 Her manager’s assessment: Candia conducts herself in a manner that is consistent with the values and goals of Curtain Bluff. She demonstrates an above average knowledge of her job responsibilities and delivers a high quality job performance and services. Candia consistently recognizes and meets the […]

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Awards: #1 hotel in the West Indies!

Recent Awards We are elated to report that Curtain Bluff Hotel has recently received several awards, including the best hotels in the world in Travel and Leisure’s World’s Best Awards (Reader’s Choice) 2016. Of The Top 100 hotels in the World, Curtain Bluff ranks as #63, another award we are extremely proud of. Of The Best Resort […]

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Recipe of the month: Vegetarian Ital Lentil Patties

Ital Veggie Patties   Ingredients for Patty Mixture:   1 cup Minced Soy Protein (chunks) 1 package Lentil Peas 1 whole onion diced 1 clove garlic chopped 2 stalks of celery diced 1 teaspoon of fresh thyme 2 teaspoons of herbal seasoning 1/2 cup soy sauce 2 cups wheat flour   Directions:   Using a […]

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Family Profile: Beverly & Michael Newhouse

  The Newhouse’s celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary with us at Curtain Bluff. They were first time guests, and we were happy to speak to them for our second installment of Guest Profiles CB: How did you find out about Curtain Bluff? Why did you choose the hotel? BN: Curtain Bluff came up on our […]

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Recipe of the month: Red Snapper with Banana Ketchup

PAN-SEARED RED SNAPPER WITH BANANA KETCHUP served with vegetarian pepperpot and green plantain crisps Serves 4     INGREDIENTS for Pepperpot 2 tbsp vegetable oil ½ cup yellow onion, fine diced 1 tsp thyme leaves 1 stalk celery, fine diced 4 cloves garlic, crushed 1 each small yellow, red, green sweet peppers, fine diced 2 […]

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Pleasure Meets Business, Business Meets Pleasure

  Curtain Bluff is well known as a vacationer’s paradise, one of the top resorts in the Caribbean (according to readers of Condé Nast Magazine, not just us). But did you know that it’s also the perfect destination for business retreats and incentive trips?     Today’s meeting planners are turning away from the large […]

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Family Profiles – Jeff & Roxanna Hurst

Curtain Bluff Antigua is delighted to introduce a new feature on our blog – guest profiles. Honestly, these are more like “family profiles”, since we really do think of our guests as a part of our extended family. Multi generational families, honeymooners, and more, these guests embody the very essence of what we offer for […]

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WHY KIDS LOVE CURTAIN BLUFF   By Tobey (14) and Jake (13)   Our parents both work in the travel business, so we get to go on some pretty cool family trips. But our favorite place is Curtain Bluff, a resort on the south coast of Antigua in the Caribbean. We have been there five […]

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  By Andrew Bill     What’s the biggest advantage of staying in a fully inclusive resort like Curtain Bluff?   It’s not just financial although, if you vacation at full speed like a typical family does, consuming drinks, meals and activities like it’s the last day on Earth, then the cost factor is certainly […]

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Caribbean Getaway for Two

My husband’s idea of a getting fit is grabbing his helmet and riding a bike for 25 miles – my idea of fitness is going to the yoga studio for a quick session of stretches and meditation, followed by a smoothie. We never, EVER work out together – and we certainly would never imagine that we […]

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    It’s 10 AM and the only line you’ve encountered is the one connecting you to the waterski boat…or the one you’re reeling in with the mahi mahi on the end…or the opening sentence of that long-awaited novel. You are sipping Champagne at midday! Why not? It must be 5 o’clock somewhere in the […]

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Have you ever considered calling up your buddies and heading somewhere that’s several notches above Las Vegas? If you and your man crew like to travel together and share incredible experiences…

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Work of the Old Road Fund

The Old Road Fund is Curtain Bluff’s way of saying thank you to Old Road, the local community that lies just outside the resort gates. Supported by both the resort and our generous guests, this 501c# non-profit fund has spent over $1 million on educating the youth

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If you’re anything like me, your typical vacation preparation checklist includes a manicure and pedicure as well as some sort of easy hair-care routine to take you through the week or so that you’ll be away from your regular stylist

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Between our two beautiful beaches and the stunning private home of the owner Chelle Hulford, on the tip of the majestic bluff, Curtain Bluff brides can choose between bohemian barefoot luxury or luxurious black tie affairs for their dream destination weddings.

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